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Industry Segments - Power Plants/Oil and Gas

Power Plants/Oil and Gas

Whether you are looking for equipment to work on outages, emergency work or routine boiler maintenance and repairs, our access solutions can provide complete support for your next power generation project.

Power Climber provides the most reliable suspended access equipment for mission-critical power generation projects. Whether you are faced with a scheduled outage, emergency work, or routine maintenance and repairs, our market leading solutions provide safe and productive access for all types of industrial projects from oil, gas, and coal power plants to nuclear facilities.

When the refinery's boiler or the energy plant's chimney present a challenging surface slope, the unique feature of adjustable angles on our Modulo platforms provide the flexibility and precision you need to safely and productively access the work. And if customization is required, our experienced team of experts will work to design custom solutions to enable your power generation project on time and on budget.

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