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Hoists - UpLite Cargo

UpLite Cargo

The lightweight, compact UpLite Cargo hoists combine transportability with various lifting capacities for cost-effective, productive material lifting on light-duty applications.


  • Versatile for your specific site needs with payloads of 100, 300, and 500 kg and speeds from 5 to 30 m/min
  • Durable design including robust aluminum case, IP54 motor and junction box, and connection box with safeties
  • Unlimited lifting height due to our continuous traction principle, rope with thimble, and hook up to 300 m
  • Easily transportable due to light weight and compact design
  • Improved hoist life and performance from detailed quality assurance program for manufactured components
  • EN 1808 certified, and quality made in Germany in our ISO 9001:2015 factory

UpPro Man-riding Hoist Series

Model Payload Rope Diameter Rated Speed Voltage Rated Power Weight
  (kg) (mm) (m/min) (V) (kW) (kg)
M106 CE151006152300.322
M106 CE301006302300.7530
M306 CE5300652300.323
M306 CE153006152301.130
M506 CE105006102301.130
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