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The ATLAS hoist is a self-reeving traction hoist, powered by an electric motor. The hoists and the central control box (CCB) are mounted on Temporary Suspended Platforms (TSP) and suspended with steel wire ropes from a suspension system. The strength of the platform and the suspension system used in combination with the hoists must be in relation to the Working Load Limit (WLL) of the hoist.

NOTE: Atlas hoist are designed for non-CE geographic regions.


  • Simple and robust design allows rapid and efficient servicing with only two tools
  • Load dependant traction offers extended wire rope life
  • Robust casting and wire rope path nearly impossible to jam wire rope
  • Longest duty cycle provides operator confidence to finish job
  • Modular construction with mother board allows flexibility for power pack replacement and enables quick service time
  • Optional external slack rope safety device allows for secondary suspension rope


  • Simple and robust design
  • Load dependent traction system
  • Built-in slack rope safety device
  • 'No Power' emergency descent system
  • Climbing speed: 8 m/min.
  • Self weight: 45 kg
  • Safety rope and suspension cable: ~8.4 mm (56 kN)


 ATLAS 3 phase
Working Load Limit (W.L.L.) 7000N (700 kg)
Power Supply 3*400V / 50Hz (60Hz) + E
Amperage at W.L.L. Run 3.5 A
Start 10.5 A
Motor Power 1,3 kW
Wire Rope Diameter 8.4 mm
Breaking Strength 40 kN
Hoisting Speed 8.0 m/min
Noise level Up 60 dBA
Down 64 dBA
IP-Rate IP 54
Self-weight of hoist 45kg

PowerClimber Slack Rope Safety Device

The optional external slack rope safety device can be used with Atlas hoists to operate with a secondary suspension steel wire rope. In the event of a primary suspension rope going slack the safety jaws will prevent movement on the secondary suspension rope.

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